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  • Outsourcing. Simplified.

    The back office solution at the forefront of successful service companies. Get your office up and running today.
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We Are

Our expertise enables us to provide you with class-leading data processing solutions. Get all your valuable data processed and ready to serve you whenever you need it.

Our system maximizes profit and minimizes liability!

At Preservas, our dedication to client satisfaction and helping the client’s company evolve through improvement of data processing management. Our model is unrivaled because we take the time to fully absorb the inner-workings of every unique company, and strive to perform better. We take on each project with innovation in mind, adapting to each clients unique office culture.

Property Preservation Processing

Accurate and efficient processing of orders. Invoice development, Estimating using CE Tools and Quality Check on field operations. Our processors don’t just paper push, they work for you to minimize liability on PCR’s and maximize revenue on estimates.

Construction Management Support

Do you operate a small to medium size construction business? Need help tracking invoices, processing change orders, contractor pay, filing drawings and permits, utility connects? Let our staff work for you while you sell your services.

Property Management & Marketing

Allow us to handle your back office leasing process. We can develop leases, answer leads by email or phone and market properties on social media, MLS and trade publications. Eliminate your leasing back office and streamline your process.

Maintenance & Renovation Estimating

Verify your cost and expenses on lease or flip properties. Let us utilize the latest construction cost books to make sure you are getting the right work for the right price. We can help with specifications, unit cost and labor metrics to keep your assets in top shape.

Plan now to avoid payroll increases for US employees!

ObamaCare penalties and shortened work week will become effective 2016



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Preservas provides innovative solutions and exceptional service by promoting quality and integrity throughout the organization. We take the time to understand your process and formulate an efficient outsourcing plan to meet your goals. If you need help we will be there to walk you through the typical steps to migrate your office. We do not believe Skype and IM are the only communication tools, our offices are connected via VoIP for one on one discussions.


We understand logistical and cultural impacts when outsourcing. Our team will work with you to help transition your existing office to an outsourced model. Over time your internal staff will benefit from the additional processing capacity that Preservas provides. Preservas offers a wide range of services and custom solutions to assist our clients in meeting their goals. Save on overhead, taxes and potential penalties imposed for healthcare.


Preservas understands the importance of our client’s security and proprietary information. We take care of our clients, so we take every step to make sure your information is absolutely private. We have a track record of being exceptionally responsible with the information of each business we service. To keep client’s information completely confidential we utilize secure servers located in US data centers and restrict local file access, printing and modification.



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